How to remove a line in word document

Word 2013 – How to remove mystery line at top of bottom of. Mysterious straight lines in WORD that won't delete CNET.

how to remove a line in word document

20/03/2012 · I have some data that has been formated and in the Word document. This document is about 90 pages long. There are some lines that I do not need and would. Removing Extra Lines in MS Word It isn’t uncommon to want to change the formatting of your Word document after you’ve created it..

how to remove a line in word document

How to Get Rid of a Horizontal Line in Microsoft Word How do you get rid of line breaks in Mircosoft Word How to get rid of lines in Word How to Fight Back When. How to Delete Blank Space in Word Document; remove Word's default line spacing of 1.15, Select "Replace All" to search the whole document and remove the extra.
“How to Remove the Margin Lines From a Word Document It”.
2 White Out a Line in a PDF; "How to Delete a Word in a PDF Document" accessed November 18, 2018. ..
how to remove a line in word document

How to Remove Automatic Horizontal Lines in Word. except when you want the actual characters in your document and not have Word convert To remove the line,. 9/08/2013 · Okay, I downloaded an adobe form from a website, converted it to a Word document and now want to edit it. The form has spaces for name, address, etc.. If you’ve found a black line at the top of bottom of your document and you can’t work out where it’s coming from or how to move it, your answer may be as simple.

how to remove a line in word document

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Legislation regarding document retention queensland

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word 2016 blank page at end of document

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