Mongoose check if document exists
New Brunswick - 2019-08-03

Does mongodb have an option to write-protect a document. Mongoose updating array in document not working CMSDK.

mongoose check if document exists

I'm new to Mongo and am using Mongoose as an ORM. For user registration, I'm using email as the unique. I want to check if the email is already in use, and if it's. Add new field to an existing MongoDB Collection using Mongoose. it does check if the field exist if doesn't create it..
If this document doesn’t exist, it creates it If you liked this post, check out Introducing mongoose-status-manager – status updates for mongoose models. Checking if a document exists – MongoDB slow findOne vs find. You only want to preallocate if the document doesn’t exist and to check this you need to do a query.

mongoose check if document exists

With Mongoose, everything is derived from a Schema. Let's get a reference to it and define our kittens. A model is a class with which we construct documents.. I'm trying to update an array in document by adding object if it doesn't exist, and replacing the object in array otherwise.
“Check if a document exists in mongoose Stack Overflow”.
How to use upsert for better performance with feathers-mongoose. If no document is If you’d like to learn more about working with feathers-mongoose, check.
mongoose check if document exists

saintedlama / mongoose-version. Code. Check that 'unique' exists. Mongoose Version is a mongoose plugin to save document data versions.. You should check to see if it exists if var mongoose = require('mongoose'); How to check if multiple documents exist.. ... on contact, since that method does not exist on a document; a mongoose document do the the update method in mongoose, you can check
MongoDB Manual. 4.0 (current) 4.2 $exists matches the documents that contain the field, MongoDB $exists does not correspond to SQL operator exists. How can I check if the database already exists, and if so, How to drop a database with Mongoose? This deletes all the documents in a collection.

mongoose check if document exists
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